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Material Manufacturers

You manufacture materials for the automotive sector or other industries? You are an expert in steel, aluminium, copper, titanium, nickel-based alloys or other metallic materials? You understand your customers. Yet do you have expertise and competencies along the entire process chain for your material? Do you know the requirements for the final component, and can you submit material proposals that are fit for production? Well, how can you? Given the many individual production steps involved between your material supply and the final application (forging or forming, machining, heat treatment, system manufacturer), this is not really easy.

Longstanding experience in forging and machining up to the assembly-ready state allows us to accompany you during the additional manufacturing steps right through to the finished component. Give your forming/forging technology customer or the end customer at the system manufacturers, or OEMs, feedback on optimisation potential during RFQ processes or for current series components. Generate advantages for your customer – and thereby render advantages for yourself as a capable supplier!

Specifically, we can join forces with you to achieve the following:

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