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Increase your competetiveness. No more throwing away money on unnecessary material use, superfluous heat-treatment operations or overly expensive alloying elements!

  • Cost-Reduction

    • Analysis of cost potential based on technology for current or planned components. Especially in the field of electromobility, there are many components in the concept phase right now. Here it is particularly important to find cost-effective solutions at an early stage

    • Material savings

    • Use of a material that requires fewer process steps (e.g. switch from Q+T-steel to a dispersion hardening or modern bainitic steel

    • Decrease in the number of process steps

    • Analysis and minimisation of requirements

    • Reduction of joining processes – one monoblock part instead of several single joined parts

Image by Imelda

Cost reduction can be achieved in many ways. By reducing the cost and not only the price, the supply chain will also gladly cooperate.

Cost Reduction

Image by Jp Valery
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