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(Automotive) Suppliers

You are a production specialist, be it in large, medium or small series production. You understand your customers. Yet do you have the expertise and competencies to submit proactive proposals concerning choice of material, design and numerical validation that your customers expect from a top supplier? Well, where from? After all, where would a small or medium-sized company find the means to maintain a large pool of experts with many years of experience in all these areas?

Our long-term experience in forging and machining up to the assembly-ready state allows us to offer specialised services to you, while saving you the fixed costs for these.

Set yourself apart by:

  • providing feedback on optimisation potential during RFQ processes or, in the case of current series components, on weight and cost,

  • discussing cost optimization potential, so that the price still gives you some profit,

  • generating advantages for your customer – and thereby rendering advantages for yourself as an A supplier,

  • demonstrating to your customer that you can proactively submit proposals for CO₂ reduction.

Specifically, we can join forces with you to achieve the following:

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