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Simulation incorporating expertise in materials and processes

Our simulation possibilities:

  • ANSYS:

    • Linear-elastic simulation – stress and deformation calculation

    • Non-linear simulation –  autofrettage, overload, buckling

    • Bionic optimisation for the design of lightweight geometries

  • Simulation of fatigue behaviour:

    • Simulation of the fatigue strength of components

    • Estimation of component life

    • Including, where applicable, results of process simulation

      • Work hardening by cold forging

      • Residual stresses from autofrettage

      • Direction of the fibre flow and shape of mangane sulfides

  • Forging simulation:​

    • Simulation of both forging processes, including hot, warm and cold forging or combinations thereof (e.g. hot + cold) as well as of sheet metal processes (deep drawing, bending, coining) for smaller parts with the finite element package QForm3D

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